New Design, new website!

Posted 2 years, 6 months and 2 weeks ago!

Finally, I got some free time and redesigned - developed my personal web page.

Hope you like the new design and functionalities.

Let me explain a bit about the new changes:

  • My posts from are migrated here.
  • Added Projects section where you can find some projects I am related - involved with.
  • Added Apps section (also appeared in where I list some of my public apps with the ability to download them.
  • Added Art section where you can see and download some of my drawings, designs e.t.c.
  • New contact page, where you can send me directly a message.
  • Ability to comment posts, apps and arts using the service provided by disqus.
  • Donation Buttons on each app listing.

P.S. The design is totally mine. I wanted to create something cool and modern. If you want to propose me any changes, please send me feedback using the contact page or by writing a comment.

New Design, new website!